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Regional Networks

We believe effective citizenship education is both global and local

Teacher Assisting a Student

Our regional distribution partners are deeply engaged with educators and educational leaders in their countries and communities. They understand their needs and aspirations, and we support them to succeed. 

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Viven is a project-based organization delivering the crucial social and emotional learning skills of independent thinking, resilience and social responsibility to more than 180 schools across Brazil. With an extensive network of teachers, Viven is rapidly growing and becoming the go-to reference in citizen education and technological experience for educators and students.





High Resolves Australia delivers citizenship education experiences that help students develop critical life skills. They offer a range of solutions aligned to Australian curriculum objectives, including immersive workshops, educator training resources, online resources through the Symphony platform, and the student-led project Videos for Change. 


High Resolves Canada specializes in the delivery of citizenship education experiences. They work with youth, educators and parents to provide opportunities that foster inclusion, resilience and collaborative thinking through online and in-person facilitated projects and workshops. 

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The Civic Network provides the civic learning and global citizenship education that students want to learn, in the form they want to learn it, at the level of quality they demand. Through the Symphony and Videos for Change platforms, TCN provides a one-stop solution for civic learning with unlimited, digitized, curated learning experiences, serving middle and high schools across the United States, as well as a wide range of community-based organizations such as museums, libraries, and youth programs.


Education for Sharing (E4S) is our distribution partner for Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas. They have an established network of partner schools and organizations throughout the region with the mission of forming better global citizens from childhood through innovative education programs based on the power of play and physical activity. E4S reimagines education as not just a tool for academic success but to develop and educate the whole child. 

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