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Strategic Alliances

Extending the reach of citizenship education worldwide


Our Strategic Alliances program focuses on collaborations that can support distribution of our platforms and programs outside of our Regional Networks, as well as with partners who share common cause and want to learn together.

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Strategic Alliances
Non-exclusive distribution partners in other regions

Zurich International School is committed to a thriving school culture and community where every student understands the importance of good values, and the power they hold to make the world better. They are focused on developing true global citizens who recognize the value of their local community, and are open to different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. 

ZIS partners with Videos for Change on a Grade 8 Social Studies unit entitled, The Future We Want. Using the C3 Social Studies Standards as the foundation, the concept-based unit is grounded in a forward-thinking approach, where students investigate ways to weave Videos for Change in to meaningful learning experiences for students. You can learn more about ZIS through their website.


The Big Questions Institute was created to help educators of all stripes build their capacity to see and accept their current educational and social context for what it is and to peer into the future with skill.

Big Questions Institute ground that work in "fearless inquiry" a disposition of deep questioning and truth-telling of practice and mission. They challenge and support educators to make better sense of today and to design and aspire to a more relevant and equitable school experience for students.

The Big Questions Institute partners with Video For Change through sharing resources, insights and by connecting us with their community of learners. you can learn more about the Big Questions institute and their founders Homa Tavangar and Will Richardson at their website.

Interested in distribution of our platforms?

Want to partner to provide citizenship education for a better world?

We extend an open invitation to organizations who share our vision to work with the us as a Strategic Alliance partner. We'd love to hear from you.


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