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Strategic Alliances

Extending the reach of citizenship education worldwide


We work directly with educators, educational organizations and international networks around the world, from individual schools and non-profits to multi-country networks, and support them to implement our platforms and programs.

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Strategic Alliances
Non-exclusive distribution partners in other regions

The Social Studies team and Sustainability Curriculum Coordinator at Zurich International School (ZIS) reimagined their Global Issues Exhibition into a new unit entitled, The Future We Want. They partnered with Videos for Change to support ZIS students to apply their understanding and use their voices to advocate for a more sustainable future.


Teach for Armenia used Videos for Change as a tool to engage and educate local villages on the issues directly impacting them to drive hands on solutions. For example, students turned waste into a community garden that will be used to supply nutritious food options for local families. ('Tsaghkasht Food Operation'). Another group of students investigated the negative impacts of water pollution in their local community and built an awareness campaign to aid prevention of related issues and promote good health ('Water for Life').

Teach for Armenia students won two awards in the 2021 Global Competition: 'Tsaghkashat Food Operation' Winner - 2021 Youth Action Project Award and 'Water for Life' Winner 2021 McCall MacBain Climate Action Award.

Interested in distribution of our platforms?

Want to partner to provide citizenship education for a better world?

We extend an open invitation to organizations who share our vision to work with the us as a Strategic Alliance partner. We'd love to hear from you.


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