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High Resolves Learning

Immersive Learning Experiences


High Resolves Learning is home to the Accelerator’s Premium Programs for students, including in-person professionally delivered learning experiences. 

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High Resolves Learning
Premium learning expieriences, training and thought leadership.

Our expert facilitators guide students through highly interactive workshops that encourage them to think differently, question, collaborate and problem solve.


Learning skills such as resilience, compassion and critical thinking give students a greater sense of their own responsibility as individuals and as part of society, building a better future for us all.

The Accelerator is partnering with University of Newcastle and University of Technology Sydney to deliver a full-day Premium Program for large groups of high school students on campus. The program harnesses the cutting-edge technology and learning spaces at the universities, and  provides an innovative outreach offering for the universities where students get to learn in and tour the campus. 

High Resolves Learning also leads content development and adaptation for lessons on our platform, Symphony

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