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Learning to become better humans

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Symphony is an online learning platform with the most exciting, interactive, relevant and trusted civic and citizenship learning experiences and engagements that support young people to become better humans. 

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Curating quality citizenship education for all

The High Resolves Group is a collaborative ecosystem dedicated to the activation of human responsibility.

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Working with partners across the globe who are leading experts in civic and citizenship education, we curate and create a dynamic and ever growing learning collection for schools and teachers to offer their students. The collection allows young people to discover themselves, others and the planet more deeply and with more understanding; to develop the skills and capacities to contribute and succeed in a challenging world; and to find inspiration and hope. 

Symphony lessons offer:

  • Critical human skill building, including effective collaboration and communication, self-efficacy and resilience, creativity, information literacy, ethical decision-making, leadership and more

  • Thought-provoking and emotionally-resonate activities that invite students to think as well as to question


  • Opportunities to relate content to their own, diverse life experiences, their communities, and other students


  • Rich, meaningful conversations with peers through online community building


  • A visually-stunning and modern user interface that honors the attention of learners and entices them to dig deep into the content

In addition to its library of premium online lessons, Symphony offers an additional curated free-to-access collection of lessons, simulations, and games, making it easy for educators to discover and teach engaging lessons on critical topics for the 21st century. 

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Interested in bringing Symphony to your school or organization? 

Contact our distribution partners to learn more.

Outside of these regions and interested?

Contact us to learn how to bring citizenship education to your students.

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