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One idea. One minute. One video.

And a chance to amplify youth voices worldwide.

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Videos for Change is a worldwide community where young people create short-form video content on issues that matter most to them. The delta of our work is social change where young people fill the frame. We are global citizens championing diverse viewpoints that animate our collective future. One idea. One video. One minute at a time

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Videos for Change
Activating and amplifying youth voice globally

We go big. The Videos for Change Global Competition and Festival is the ultimate gathering of young people from around the world sharing their visions for a better future. It's the seminal event for hundreds of other national, regional and local competitions globally. Since 2015, thousands of young people have inspired action on social issues through their unique cultural lenses, and we commit to sharing this work widely with audiences around the planet. Videos for Change - it's where social action and storytelling intersect.  

Videos for Change 2023 Global Competition

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